Barkers Professional black logoBarker’s Professional are a New Zealand based company which was established in 1969 and has been built on strong family values, a commitment to the people, support of the community and a growing respect for the environment we live and work in. Barker’s has a focus on delivering food solutions and products that are developed with leading technology, consistent quality, passion and commitment to insuring service and flexibility to meet the demands of customers and the ever-changing market.

Patisserie Fillingsbarkers nz bakery fillings

Soft, glossy premium fruit fillings with excellent fruit structure and containing 50% fruit. Ideal in any high-quality bakery or dessert application. Use as a filling for Danish pastries, tartlets, meringue cases, flans, muffins, gateaux, and fruit pies – or a flavouring for mousse and smoothies. Delicious as a topping for cheesecakes or ice cream.

Available in the following flavours:

–         Apricot GF DF HS V VE

–         Banana GF DF HS V VE

–         Blackcurrant GF DF HS V VE

–         Blueberry GF DF HS V VE

–         Boysenberry GF DF HS V VE

–         Cherry GF DF HS V VE

–         Mango GF DF HS V VE

–         Peach and passionfruit GF DF HS V VE

–         Raspberry GF DF HS V VE

barkers nz patiserrie filling
Available in convenient 1.25kg piping bags (some variants also available in 4.5kg pails)


–         Rhubarb and apple GF DF HS V VE

–         Spiced apple GF DF HS V VE

–         Strawberry GF DF HS V VE

–         Toffee apple GF DF HS V VE

–         Tropical GF DF HS V VE

–         Wild berry GF DF HS V VE

Patisserie CrèmeAndros Barkers NZ

A smooth, silky, custard style filling. Use in any shelf- stable bakery or dessert application. Perfect for choux pastries, tarts, meringues, cannoli, and trifles.

Flavours available: 

–         Custard Flavoured GF DF VE


Water, Sugar, Thickener (1442), Vegetable fat, Flavour, Sea salt, Emulsifier (471, 433), Acidity regulator (270), Preservative (202), Colour (171, 102, 110)Barkers NZ patisserie creme


Toppingsbarkers nz patisserie toppings

These premium toppings will give an added dimension to your favourite sweet creation. Richly indulgent, they deliver the perfect finish to gateaux, pancakes, and cheesecakes.

Flavours available:

–          Caramel GF

–          Chocolate GF DF HS VE

–          Lemon & passionfruit GF

–          Salted caramel GF

–          Strawberry GF DF HS VE

–          Wild berry GF DF HS VE

barkers nz gluten free toppings


barkers nz topping barkers nz toppings









Classic Crème

barkers nz classic creme

A smooth, creamy, and glossy filling range which adds value and excitement to scrolls, muffins, friands, slices, cakes and tartlets

Flavours available

–          Caramel GF HS

–          Chocolate GF HS

–          Salted caramel GF HS


barkers nz classic creme filling


GF – Gluten Free 

VE – Vegan Suitable  

HS – Halal Suitable

V – Vegetarian Suitable  

DF – Dairy Free


Ingredientsbarkers nz classic creme fillings

Sugar (brown, white), Water, Golden Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Thickener (1442), Vegetable Fat, Milk Powder, Humectant (422), Colour (150a, 171, 160c), Sea salt, Natural flavour, Emulsifier (471, 433), Preservative (202).

Contains MILK

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