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Conti coffee machines, manufacturer of quality coffee machines since the 1950’s, based in Monaco. Conti provides a complete range of espresso machines to all needs.


CONTI – CC100   conti cc100 coffee machines

The CC100 range is our benchmark all-rounder, with a classical somewhat retro design, this machine finds itself at home in any environment. Simplicity, elegance, and purity best describes our popular CC100.

With striking aesthetics, which include satin stainless-steel panels and vivid colour accents, this machine harmonizes with any environment. It is also packed with the latest technology ensuring it punches well above its weight and consistently surpasses expectations of espresso extraction and build quality.


  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 groups
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Copper boiler
  • Radiator hydraulic system
  • Electric heating only
  • Management of boiler heating system with PID
  • Pre-Infusion
  • Volumetric dosing 2 gauges: pressure boiler and pressure pump
  • 1 x hot water outlet and 2 x steam outputs (except one group: 1 x output hot water and steam output x 1)
  • Automatic boiler filling
  • Protection by immersion klixon safety
  • Tall Cup (165 mm)
  • The CC100 can be connected to an external water tank by using a special kit (optional).



conti x one tci coffee machineThe X-ONE TCI utilises some simple proprietary technology to offer some of the unique and desirable features of premium multi boiler machines.

Built around the success and design principles of the X-ONE range, we have included several intuitive improvements which make the X-ONE TCI one of the best performing single boiler machines on the market, now with full colour coded body panels – this machine’s iconic style really sets off any coffee bar.

This machine really can handle the most demanding situation, pouring perfect espresso over and again, whilst allowing the barista to manually and intuitively adjust numerous parameters to dial in the flavour of any bean, to bring out even the most subtle tasting notes of your coffee, whatever the region or roast profile of your beans.



Temperature Control Improvement (TCI)conti tci temperature control improvement coffee machines

  • TCI control, allowing for the control of temperature of each group independently
  • Flow Control for fine adjustments
  • Elegant and Ergonomic with colour, lighting, and steam actuators
  • Competition shower plates
  • Shot timers
  • Auto On/Off
  • Adjustable hot water temperature
  • Precision Pre-Infusion
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