Frappoz frappe powder PerthPremium powdered frappe pre-mixes that are easy to use and offer high profit potential. Suitable for granita or slushie machines and blenders. A product that is not only Australian made but, West Australian made.

What is a frappé?

A frappé is an iced blended beverage.
FrappOz is a West Australian product made for US to OUR specifications…. a pre-mix which takes the guess work out of making ice blended drinks. VERY QUICK AND EASY.

Frappoz frappe cappuccino powder mix

Makes into a very refreshing beverage and tastes sensational. As there is very little milk used in these recipes, the aftertaste of traditional iced coffee (with a high percentage of milk) is not present leaving the palate feeling refreshed and clean.

Frappoz frappe powder mix Perth

Also, FrappOz frappe mixes work well with alcoholic combinations to make exceptional tasting cocktails, or they stand on their own. Try Baileys or Kahlua!!

Able to be blended with ice cream or yoghurt.

FrappOz Flavours are:

  • Cappuccino
  • White Choc (with REAL White Choc)
  • Double Choc
  • Mocha
  • Vanilla Smoothie base


Available in 5 x 1.5kg bags per carton……approximately 94 serves per carton

Frappoz frappe matcha green tea powder mixFrappOz frappe mixes can be blended with ice cream or yoghurt and flavoured syrups (ie. 1883/Monin) to create additional stories to base recipe.

FrappOz White Choc frappe mix makes a wicked ‘hot’ white choc beverage. Serve in a latte glass with a garnish of chopped or grated choc on top, this presents beautifully. A real favourite!!

Blend it with Turmeric Latte to add another layer of sublime DELICIOUSNESS!!! You get the benefits of the turmeric with the deliciousness and decadence of the White Choc!

Blend with Matcha Green Tea, another winner flavour! Either hot or cold, you pick 😊Frappoz frappe hot matcha green tea powder mix


Frappoz white choc cocktail

Even try the FrqppOz White Choc with Gingerbread syrup for a Christmas feel or just to enjoy anytime of the year….

You will get an “OMG” moment when you make the FrappOz White Choc as a cocktail with Malibu… definitely a winner.
Use your imagination and create! OR, just simply put, make as per the recipe and you will still make an amazing beverage using our FrappOz frappe mixes.

AND, if you are still keen to use one product…then try FrappOz Vanilla Smoothie Base, as with this product you can create your own beverages by adding the flavours or shots coffee to enhance and uniquely create your own version.

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