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What is frappé you may asked? A frappé is a iced blended coffee drink made from instant coffee, sugar, and milk. The drink usually contain coffee, such as Nescafe frappé. There are also Greek frappé, Affogato coffees frappe or Zeroz’s Frappoz frappé.

You may have customers who are fans of McDonald’s Maccas Frappe or Starbucks Frappuccino? If you are asking how to make iced coffee frappe like McDonalds? You too can be serving the next best things in your café, restaurant or even home. Some customers vouched to prefer Frappoz’s frappe over all other frappes they have tasted. Introducing Frappoz frappes!

Frappoz frappes mixes come in five rich flavours in 1.5kg bags.

  • double chocolate
  • mocha
  • cappuccino
  • vanilla smoothie
  • base white chocolate

The recipe to make frappe is simple with Frappoz! Frappoz mixes are enhanced to serve in thick foam blended with your ice and dark colour of the frappe, of course with the except for the white chocolate frappe. You may serve Frappoz frappe mixes without additional sugar to reduce its calories count in your drinks.

How To Prepare Frappoz’s Frappe Drink

Step 1: Add Frappoz frappe mix, milk and ice into your blender.

Step 2: Start blending until you see the rich foam developed.

Step 3: Pour the frappe into a different glass.

Step 4: Place a straw and enjoy your frappe drink.

Some Tips For Making A Frappe

If you want your frappe to taste sweeter, you may add condensed milk and adjust your frappe mixes as you see fit.

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