Eco Ice Cream Cups

buy sustainable ice cream cups in PerthThese sundae cups are sustainable and environmental and align with the new Australian Single Use Packaging Legislation and future State Government mandates.

The future of lined cups is paper with an aqueous waterproof lining. The aqueous lined paper cups are manufactured using a water-based barrier coating. The aqueous paper cups are recyclable and compostable – making this the most unique and best fit for waste recovery around the country. (These cups are recyclable if collected as a clean stream and accepted by your paper recovery company).

Our Truly Eco aqueous Gelato Cups are leading the future in producing recoverable materials as they eliminate the need for the expensive PLA coating. The cups are recyclable and compostable and can be composted in home composting.

The Eco Gelato Cups are available in four different sizes – 2oz, 3oz, 5oz and 8oz.

Our Eco Gelato Cups can be customised with your design or logo. They also come plain white or in a standard YUM design.

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