mec3 australiaGelato is the Italian name for Ice Cream.
There are two types of gelatos:

  • Milk Base Gelato: made with milk, vanilla, chocolate etc.
  • Fruit Base Gelato: (commonly known as sorbet) made with fruit, water and sugar

There is a current worldwide trend towards quality Artisan Italian Gelato!

The world equates quality Gelato to Italian cuisine just as much as pasta or pizza.
Italian Gelato is typically lower in fat than the American ice-cream we compare it to.gelato ice cream Perth

Origin of Gelato

From ancient times, Arabic sherbet or sharbat (sweet snow), was a mixture of snow, honey, and crushed fruit. Some believe that gelato originated in China, some say Mesopotamia or Persia at the Babylonian court.

Today gelato is either milk based, or water based with the milk-based gelato being fairly recently introduced to the market around 1550 in the Medici court in Florence, but it wasn’t until 1686, when the first true gelato shop was opened to the public.

Welcome to the world of Mec3

gelato mix suppliers PerthMec3 is a world leading company for artisan gelato and pastry ingredients. Since 1984 they have been innovative in the gelato industry with the preparation of ingredients and semi-finished products for artisan gelato and pastry. With a variety of products such as gelato bases, ripple pastes, gelato pastes and topping just to name a few. Mec3 strive to create quality products so you can create quality gelato and baked goods with ease.

Gelato bases

Our gelato bases are a semi-finished powder product which provide a foundation for the ideal consistency, creaminess and texture for gelato and sorbet. We have a range of different bases to suit your needs, milk/cream bases, sorbet bases and vegan friendly bases. Contact us to find out more.

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Gelato pastes

Gelato pastes are a semi-finished paste product which we use to flavour our gelato and can be used in pastries. Mec3 gelato pastes use high quality produce to ensure a quality gelato and pastry products for our customers. With a great range of flavours please contact us to find out more.

Ripple pastes

Ripple pastes also known as variegates are a traditional gelato ripple sauce that is used to make bands or marbelization throughout the gelato. Ripple pastes create a beautiful texture and flavour to gelato and Mec3 have a beautiful range of high-quality pastes to help create high quality gelato.

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Speak to a Zeroz representative, we can give you the best advice and guidance needed to establish a gelato store…. ranging from product to equipment!

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