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We also supply quality brands of gelato, ice cream and yoghurt, and a fantastic selection of associated products, including waffle cones, Cadbury half flakes, sundae cups and more.

Our range includes:

  • MEC3
    An Italian company and world leader in the production of ingredients for artisan gelato, ice cream and pastry makers. Their range includes ice cream bases, sorbet bases, pastes, granita mixes, improvers and more.
  • Associated Products
    Zeroz has all your needs covered with wafers and waffle cones, chocolate dip, Cadbury half flakes, 100s & 1000s, sundae cups & spoons, Smarties, Cottee’s milk shake syrups and more!

Individually wrapped Lotus Biscoff Biscuits. Lotus biscuits are great with tea and coffee or just as between meal snacks. 










You can see when the work is done with passion. In Mec3 it is evident.


The steady innovations, the care dedicated to the research, the prestigious acknowledgments received, prove the industriousness and the devotion with which everybody in Mec3 has been carrying out their work for more than 20 years. A care that thousands of clients all over the world acknowledge. Every day.

  • Bases and Neutral Products
  • Pastes and Variegatos
  • Kit – Our Greatest Hits
  • Complete Bases
  • 500 Product Line
  • Wellness Line and Soft-Ice Product Line
  • Special Products and Decorations


NEW! range of whipped cream base toppings and icings, or even fillings that can be used in the bakery and gelato/ice cream industry. We have many new options ….


A non-dairy cream base which is ‘dairy free’ and a concentrate, which can be mixed with water, fresh cream, thickened cream, or a juice and takes flavouring and colours exceptionally well.

  • Rich’n Smooth Tropic Vanilla
  • Rich’s Smooth Tropic Chocolate
  • Rich’s Dessert Garnish
  • Avoset Pour N’ Whip
  • Rich’s Gold Label
  • Rich’s Whipping Base

Zeroz carries a range of toppings…




Coconut jelly – rainbow


Coconut Rough


Half Flakes


 Scorched Almonds


 Mixed whirls with freckles


 Luxardo Whole Maraschino Cherries


 100s & 1000s


Crushed Nuts


Choc Fudge pieces
Choc Fudge Pieces


 Salted Caramel Fudge pieces
Salted Caramel Fudge Pieces


Caramel Fudge pieces
Scorched Peanuts


Scorched Fruit and Nuts


Choc Malted Balls


Choc Drops coated in candy


Peanut Clusters


Choc Chip Frozen Cookie Dough


Rainbow Sprinkles


Choc & Caramel Fudge Sundae Toppings


Milk Choc coated Hokey Pokey
Milk Choc coated Hokey Pokey


Mini Rainbow Choc Drops
Mini Rainbow Choc Drops


Popping Bobas/Pearls
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