Are you asking where to buy milkshake syrup? Are you looking for the all-natural, authentic tasting milkshake syrups?

Introducing the REAL Milkshake Company, its milk shakes could not taste any better for the young as well as the not so young. This is why the REAL Milkshake Company is known for the best milkshake syrups in Australia.

Lab reports have confirmed that The Real Milkshake are up to 40% less sugar than milkshakes made using the synthetic variety. When you serve concentrated REAL milkshakes you will get more profit and bang for your buck. Each 1.5L bottle serves up to 50 standard size shakes, this will you and your customers happy. It’s gluten free, this is good news keeping your customers small and big tummies happy! 

Why not try our excellent value for money milkshake starter pack pack to get cracking with serving the best milk shakes in Perth!  

Call Zeroz to grab The REAL milkshake syrups. They look fantastic on your menu and are a healthier than any alternatives in the market.

Milkshake Syrup Case Deals

Save with our Milkshake Syrup Case Deal, select in any combination of syrup flavours – Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Tahitian Lime, Cookies and cream, Coconut

Milkshake Starter Pack 1.5L

Here is everything you need to start serving the best milkshakes in Perth WA! 

And now by overwhelming demand, you can choose from 8 flavours to make up your personalised kit!

REAL milkshakes syrups starter pack 1.5L

The kit includes:

  • 5 x 1.5L Naturally flavoured milkshake syrups. Chose from (Vanilla, Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, Cookies and Cream, Tahitian Lime and Coconut). 
  • 5 x Branded 15ml dispensing pumps
  • 1 x Perspex countersign with reversible inserts
  • 1 x A3 Laminated wall poster for telling everyone how awesome your shakes are. 
  • 1 x Our brand new handmade syrup stand to keep everything neat and tidy.

The REAL Milkshakes Flavours: Caramel, Vanilla, strawberry, banana, Tahitian Lime, cookies and cream, coconut

Banana Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Banana Milkshake Syrups 1.5LSo that’s what is the all time favourite milk shake flavour? REAL banana milkshake flavour come top evrytime. The all-natural banana milk shake taste and no nasty artificial colours. Just REAL yum!

Banana milkshake syrups is now available in a new 1.5L slim line bottle that has been specifically designed to free up your valuable counter space.

Caffe Latte Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Finally, a REAL milkshake syrup made with coffee extract! None of that fake stuff around here thank you! A rich smooth syrup that delivers real punch. Going to be a hit this one!

Caramel Milkshake Syrup 1.5LCaramel Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

The REAL milkshake vintage flavour still the best in this classic caramel milkshake flavour. Its buttery notes with a hint of old English Toffee, all the mouthwateringly goodness!

Caramel milk shake syrup is now available in a new 1.5L slim line bottle.

Chocolate Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

The bestselling chocolate milkshake syrup will not disappoint even the most discerning chocoholics! We use unalkalized cocoa which creates a rich and silky smooth syrup with no bitterness. You might want to put a lock on the pantry door with this one.

Coconut Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Finally, it’s ready!

Our Coconut milkshake syrup is now available for you to add to our ever-increasing line up of small-batch handmade naturally flavoured syrups. Real Coconut milk flavour with toasted coconut notes make this tropical bliss!

Cookies and Cream 1.5L

Cookies and cream milk shakes syrups 1.5L

It’s back! Our Yankee Doodle Cookies and Cream has been refined and put into our handy 1.5L bottle just like the rest of the family. 

Get creative with your favourite cookies and make something amazing! 

Malt Mix

REAL Malt Mix

It’s the one everyone has been been waiting for! Malt mix is finally here to stay.

Just in time for the summer!

Get these old skool vanilla, or choc malt shakes going! REAL malt mix has no added sugar and dairy-free; its not like the other malt products out in the market. The malt mix formula is designed to keep your customers coming back for more. Ring up your profits with up to 50 serves per tub.

Please note of course that this is a wheat-based product so will contains gluten. 

Strawberry Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Taste the freshly picked strawberries smuggled into a scrummy milkshake for all to enjoy! 

The REAL strawberry milkshake syrup is now available in a new 1.5L slimline bottle.

Tahitian Lime Flavour Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Tahitian Lime Flavour Milk Shake Syrups 1.5LIt’s a new Formula, the Tahitian lime flavour milkshake! 

This super zingy Tahitian Lime flavour is now made with real Lime! Absolutely nothing like the fake stuff out there. This is the REAL thing.

The REAL Tahitian lime flavour milkshake syrup is now available in a new 1.5L slimline bottle.


Vanilla Milkshake Syrup 1.5L

Vanilla Milkshake Syrup is packing that unforgettable Madagascan Vanilla Bean flavour. These are all about the flavours than sweetness. Heavenly

The REAL vanilla milkshake syrup is now available in a new 1.5L slimline bottle.

Serving Suggestions for Regular Size Milkshake

Add 30ml syrup (2 pumps) to 300ml cold milk and one scoop of ice cream, blend until smooth and creamy.

Thick Shake Mix 1kg

Thick MilkShakes Mix 1kgDoes your milkshakes mix pass the straw test? 

Do you want to give your customers that old school thick milkshake option without spending on ice cream? The REAL thick shake mix got you covered. It’s all-natural gluten-free thick shake mix. 

Make it thick with our new all-natural thick shake mix. Sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten free. One kilogram tub 50 serves.

All you need is to just add one level scoop of thick shake mix to the blender and presto! Smooth and silky milkshake that taste heavenly! 

Serving Suggestions for Thick Milkshake

Add 20ml thick shake mix (1 level scoop) to 300ml cold milk and add ice cream and flavoured syrup, blend until smooth and creamy.

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