Rich’s Products Non Dairy Whipped Cream Toppings and Icings

Zeroz Rich's ProductsThe best way to improve your bottom line is to start at the top. Rich’s Products distributed by Zeroz is the global leader in icings and toppings. These products are designed for the food industry professionals as well as bakery retailers; and not forgetting our hobbyists.

All Rich’s icings and toppings have superior stability for perfect performance and flavours that your consumers will love. There is no better way to add the finishing touch with Rich’s icings and toppings. Rich’s icings and toppings offer many ways to value add to your cakes and desserts. Our icings and toppings can also be used in so many recipe applications which will keep your dessert case fresh and appealing to your customers. The main difference between Rich’s icings and toppings with other non-dairy whipped creams is our superior stability, versatility , high overrun and most importantly cost benefit to you and your customers.

Avoset™ Pour’n Whip™

All Purpose Topping. 

Zeroz Rich's Avoset Pour N WhipAvoset™ Pour N’ Whip™ is our premium topping fit for your bakery shops and first class hotels. Avoset is similar to the Dessert Garnish, with its unique characteristics for topping anything from pastries, cakes, pies, as well as ice cream cakes. The main differences for Avoset Pour N’ Whip is our industrial package size, suited for large volume requirements.



Product Features & Benefits

  • Dairy like, with a light yellow colour and flavour.
  • STABILITY: Avoset will not become rough, and will maintain its shape and soft texture when stored in refrigeration even for days.
  • COST SAVINGS:  Avoset will provides better yield than butter cream and has longer shelf life which help reduce your wastages.
  • When whipped will yield 350%.
  • Non-dairy, not a source of lactose.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  14117]   2 x 5.4kg   Bag-in-Box Carton

Zeroz Rich's Avoset Pour N Whip Code 14117


Dessert Garnish

An elegant finish.

Zeroz Rich's Dessert GarnishDessert Garnish is very popular to cakes decorators, including decorations on ice cream cakes!  Dessert Garnish is suited as base icing, or on top of the cake even to garnish the plate. Dessert Garnish will offer a stable, smooth and lovely feature to your dessert.

Dessert Garnish is a ready to whip topping which goes very well with Asian style decorations and fresh fruit.  And if you’re making mousse cakes, cheese cakes, tortes, eclairs, profiteroles.


Product Features & Benefits

  • Dessert Garnish is versatile and you can use it as ingredient for topping, garnish or filling for virtually any dessert.
  • Dessert Garnish will hold its stability under refrigeration for 5 days, so desserts can be prepared in advance without compromising its quality.
  • You can easily add flavour and colour into Dessert Garnish without it weeping or breaking down.  Just let your imagination runs wild with creativity!
  • When whipped Dessert Garnish has very high yield, with 350-400% overrun.
  • Dessert Garnish is GMO and Gluten Free and not a source of lactose.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  01729]   12 x 848 mls   Purepack Carton

Zeroz Rich's Dessert Garnish Code 01729


Gold Label™

For Anyone.  New or Experienced.

Zeroz Rich's Gold LabelRich’s® Gold Label™ is a liquid topping which was developed for high volume operators, it is cost-sensitive, and provides outstanding yield, with the option to whip at high speed and unmatched stability.   The Gold Label has a unique dairy flavour, although it does not contain any milk or milk fat and is lactose free. Rich’s® Gold Label™ is suitable for all operators, whether they are new or experienced. You will find decorating with Rich’s® Gold Label™ whip topping easy. Discover the difference you will be pleasantly surprised!


Product Features & Benefits

  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ is specifically formulated to withstand humid climates  and high temperatures, your desserts will look appealing for days.
  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ greater stability will provide longer bench time that allows more time for you to decorate.
  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ is economical with 400-450% overrun which means more servings (and savings!) per container.
  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ whips quickly in approximately 90 seconds in a 5 litre bowl, 3 minutes in a 20 litre bowl.
  • You also have the option to whip at high speed which reduces your whipping time to half, hence reduces your labour cost, at the same time increases convenience and productivity.
  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ is gluten free, lactose free

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  36142]   12 x 907g   Purepack Carton

Zeroz Rich's Gold Label Code 36142


On Top® Original Prewhipped Bags

You have to start at the top to grow your bottom line!

Zeroz Rich's On Top Original Pre-whipped Cream BagsYour customers want “enough topping for every bite!  You can happily oblige with Rich’s® On Top®. You will soon realise that a generous portion of Rich’s® On Top® can improve your bottom line with improved margins. Customers are willing to pay 30% more for a dessert or beverage topped with a whopping dollop which is seen as value for money.



Product Features & Benefits

  • There is no preparation nor clean up required – Rich’s® On Top® is pre-whipped for ease of use in the decorator bag, it’s also easy to add colour for signature treats.
  • Rich’s® On Top® will maintains its firm shape for hours on all beverages and desserts, unlike aerosol toppings that run in seconds.
  • With Rich’s® On Top® you will get almost 100% yield compared with only 75% of aerosol dispensed whipped toppings.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  02559]   12 x 453g   Prewhipped Cream Bags

Zeroz Rich's On Top Original Pre-whipped Cream Bags Code 02567


Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate

The more it makes sense to your bottom line, the more you want to make!

Zeroz Rich's Rich N Smooth ChocolateRich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is more than an ideal icing to use in place of scratch butter cream for decorating our cakes and tortes. Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is also a very remarkable and versatile ingredient for you. You can use Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate as a filling for donuts, cream puffs, pies, éclairs or in many other applications such as mousse.   In addition, Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is more versatile and flexible than cream, our Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate liquid icings offer a more robust performance and consistent quality for your signature creations.


Product Features & Benefits

  • Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is light and fluffy. It spreads very easily without the need to tear the cakes. Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate will not break down after the addition of flavours and colours  or fruits.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is stable, and can be stored frozen or chilled for displayed at ambient room temperature for 5 days.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate provides greater yield than butter cream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste, so saving you money.
  • Many decorator prefer Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate for its ease of use, and its robust performance over time because it does not bleed, weep or crack.
  • When whipped Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate  will yield 250%.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is GMO and Gluten Free

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  15490]   12 x 1kg   Purepack Carton

[CODE  30483]   2 x 5.4kg   Bag-in-Box Carton

Zeroz Rich's Rich N Smooth Chocolate Code 30483


Whipping Base™ (Concentrate)

Rich’s® Whipping Base™ offers superior yield and overrun.

Zeroz Richs Whipping Base ConcentrateWhipping Base™  offers in excess of three times the yield of dairy cream, this makes Whipping Base™ a much more economical option. Whipping Base™ superior yield means you can ice more than three times as many cakes using the same amount of Whipping Base™ liquid when compared to dairy cream.



Product Features & Benefits

  • Mix two parts of Whipping Base™ with one part water for the most economical topping
  • Whipping Base™ can be used as a dairy stabiliser and extender with one part dairy cream and two parts Whipping Base™.
  • Whipping Base™ can be whipped with fruits and acidic ingredients without curdling.
  • Whipping Base™ can also be used to make fillings for tarts, pies, tortes and donuts; or use it to make cake toppings or decadent mousses.
  • Whipping Base™ is very versatile, you can expand your dessert range without the need to expand your ingredients inventories.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  02903]   12 x 907g   Purepack Carton

[CODE  09748]   1 x 10.8kg   Bag-in-Box

Zeroz Richs Whipping Base Concentrate Code 09748


Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic

Liquid.  Beautiful Versatility.

Zeroz Rich's Rich N Smooth TropicRich’n Smooth™ Tropic allows you to explore your creativity.  Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic is a liquid icing and filling which can be easily incorporated with flavours and colours for a truly special cake experience. Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic has a greater yield per cake which spreads easier than butter cream. Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic  whipped topping is preferred by many decorators all over the world.



Product Features & Benefits

  • Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic has a creamy colour, vanilla flavour. Your customers will adore its light, fluffy texture.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic is stable, and can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale or displayed at ambient room temperature for 5 days.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic  provides higher yield than butter cream and has a longer shelf life to help you reduce waste, hence save cost.
  • Decorator preferred its ease of use, spread ability once whipped and ability to hold intricate designs at normal ambient temperatures.
  • Rich’n Smooth™ Tropic is gluten free with no artificial colours or flavours.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  04292]   12 x 1kg   Purepack Carton
[CODE  15488]   1 x 10.8kg  Bag-in-Box Carton

Zeroz Rich's Rich N Smooth Tropic Code 07330


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