6450-C Frozen Drinks Machine

spaceman soft serve machinesMedium Capacity, Single Flavour CountertopFrozen Drink Machine 6450-C Spaceman Australia

Simple Control, Hopper Agitator, Standby

Most Compact & Versatile Single flavour counter model for frozen beverage, smoothies and milkshakes

Flavours 1
Capacity (250ml) 80 serves/hr
Cylinders 1 x 3.8L
Hoppers 1 x 12L
Net Weight (Kg) 99
Ship Weight (Kg) 109
Net Dimensions (mm) 384 x 645 x 760
Ship Dimensions (mm) 420 x 790 x 890
Power Supply 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz/1.6kW

Clearance Requirements 152mm on back
Available Options Air chute, Spinner, LightBox

See-through Dispensing Door Clear dispensing door design makes product more attractive and serves as great marketing tool

Fast Freeze Down Patented high efficiency heat exchanger allows fast freeze down with low energy consumption

Low Mix Indicator Light turns “ON” at low mix to alert operator to add mix

Standby & Indicator Maintains product temperature in both mix hopper and freezing cylinder below 4.4ºC (40ºF) overnight; Indicator lights up during Standby

Simple Control, Easy Operation Simple and intuitive control system makes operation and viscosity adjustment easy, swift and more precise

Hopper Agitators Maintain product consistency and prevent product separationfrozen drink machine

Self-closing Dispensing Valve Automatically prevents product overflow after dispensing

One-hand Operated Spinner (Optional)
• Adds ability to blend and offer more varieties of treats
• Allows for multi-tasking one-hand operation that helps increase productivity and reduce serving time

Safety Protections
• High pressure switch to prevent compressor overheating
• Thermal overload to protect from motor overheating

Light Box (Optional)
• Illuminates advertising cards to attract more business
• Changes colour to indicate Low Mix and Standby

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