the raw liquid sugarThe Raw Liquid Sugar (also knowns as Baristas’ Liquid Sugar) is an Australian Ethically sourced Raw Sugar blended with purified water and then made shelf stable by our top secret two stage filtration process.

the raw coffee syrups Perth

Use our Patent Approved specially designed pump for maximum efficiency (sold separately).
One pump equals EXACTLY one teaspoon of sugar. Simple, clean, no fuss.


  • Made with Low GI Raw Sugar
  • Produced on the North Rivers of NSW
  • Cost Effective by Speeding up service delivery time

Baristas Liquid Sugar is made from 100% Australian natural Low Gi raw sugar.

It’s sugar you don’t need to stir! Simply add liquid sugar using our specially designed pump before adding shot of coffee, hot milk or water and allow it to dissolve naturally.
Whether you’re a cafe owner, home coffee enthusiast or catering manager this quality product will quickly earn its place on your shopping list!

Key Benefits of RAW Liquid Sugar for the Cafe Owner

the raw coffee syrup PerthSpeeds up service delivery time.
• Guarantee customer satisfaction by serving evenly sugared hot drinks consistently.
• Reduce mess by removing open sugar bowl or sticks.
• 250 teaspoon serves in each 1.5L bottle so great value






Barista’s Liquid Sugar – Catering – Refill pack

the raw coffee syrup Perth baristas liquid sugar

This is the bulk version of the 1.5L bottles of Baristas Liquid Sugar – if your café uses a lot of liquid sugar, this could be a great way to reduce landfill waste and re-fill your existing bottles, and in turn, giving better return.


Belgian Chocolate Syrup

the raw belgian chocolate syrupsOur newest addition to the line-up. Our multi use super concentrated Belgian Chocolate shot is ideal for making super-fast Mochas. Simply pump the chocolate straight in the cup and make the coffee in the usual way. No need to mix in powders or use in the milk jug so no risk of cross contamination. Makes great iced chocolate milks and creates heavenly hot chocolates.


RAW Infused Caramel Syrup

the raw infused caramel syrups

A premium Caramel syrup made locally from Australian Raw Sugar and an all-natural Caramel flavour. An intensely rich buttery Caramel sensation perfect for Lattes or Italian sodas or Frappes.


RAW Infused Vanilla Syrup

the raw infused vanilla syrups

A premium syrup made locally from Australian Raw sugar and natural Vanilla flavour. Adds that smooth authentic Vanilla Bean taste to any coffee or frappe.


RAW Infused Hazelnut Syrup

the raw infused hazelnut syrups

An all-time cafe favourite. Our Hazelnut syrup produces a full-bodied roasted flavour that leaves a long-lasting taste without the bitter after taste that other syrups often leave. And it’s not just for coffee, use in Italian sodas and frappes for a simply delicious nutty treat.


RAW infused Chai Spice Syrup

the raw infused chai spice syrupsFinally! A natural Chai Syrup that tastes of Chai! Our syrup will truly amaze you and your customers. No more time-consuming steeping and messing around with powders.



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