buy Thermotainer ice cream containers in PerthThe Thermotainer™ ice cream containers is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and foam take-home ice cream containers.

This first to market product is an Australian designed and locally made innovative product. The Thermotainer™ is made up of 96% cardboard and has an internal specialised ‘cool’ thermal lining with increased strength and less bulk.

The Thermotainer™ ice cream boxes is made of strong, specifically developed corrugated cardboard, with a reflective impermeable metalised polyester laminate coating. The Thermotainer™ corrugated board provides airflow and a conductive layer of insulated packaging, while the metallised polyester laminate reflects heat away and maintains coolness inside for longer, making the Thermotainer™ suitable for both hot and cold foods.

The Thermotainer™ ice cream boxes comes in three convenient sizes, 500ml, 1L and 1.5L, with foldable tabs enclosing the product securely. With a seal and tamper-proof adhesive lid, the Thermotainer™ closes quickly, smoothly, and securely for the ride home. The Thermotainer™ is curbed waste recyclable in your local recycle bin. To know more about how to recycle your Thermotainer™, visit your local council.

Buy Thermotainer ice cream boxes in Perth  Buy Thermotainer ice cream containers in Perth

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