richsWe have included a NEW! range of whip base toppings, icings and fillings that can be used in the bakery and gelato/ice cream industry. We have many new options …. A non-dairy cream base which is ‘dairy free’ and a concentrate, which can be mixed with water, fresh cream, thickened cream, or a juice and takes flavouring and colours exceptionally well.


  • Rich’n Smooth™ TropicVanilla – this is a ready to whip icing/filling that works well with cupcakes and sits well at ambient temperatures (up to 35˚C) – so great for cakes that sit at room temperature for long periods…like wedding cakes and is freeze thaw stable. Provides greater yield than buttercream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste. Decorator preferred in its ease of use, spreadability once whipped and ability to hold intricate designs at ambient temperatures. Gluten free, no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Rich’s® Smooth Tropic Chocolate – like the Rich’s Smooth Tropic Vanilla, this too works well as an icing or filling and sits well in ambient temperatures (up to 25˚C). Tastes like a chocolate mousse, on its own and flavours really well, try it with coffee and create a mocha icing! Light and fluffy, it spreads easily without tearing cakes. Will not break down with the addition of colours, flavours or fruits.  it does not weep, bleed or crack. Yield 250% when whipped. GMO and Gluten Free
  • Rich’s® Dessert Garnish – has a high over-run and less fat giving a lighter taste. Makes a great ganache, and also ideal for the ice cream market, needs to be refrigerated.  This ready-to-whip topping also goes well with fresh fruit and Asian style decorations.   But it doesn’t end there; if you’re also making cheesecakes, mousse cakes, tortes, profiteroles, eclairs, this product will have you sorted for all your creations. GMO and Gluten Free and not a source of lactose.
  • Avoset™ Pour N’ Whip™ is a premium topping fit for first class bakery shops and hotels.   This product is similar to our Dessert Garnish, with its unique characteristics for topping anything from cakes, pastries, pies, all the way to ice cream cakes.   One of the main differences for Pour N’ Whip is its industrial pack size, fit for large volume users. Provides greater yield than buttercream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste. Yield 350% when whipped. Not a source of lactose.
  • Rich’s® Gold Label™ – is a liquid topping that was developed for high volume, cost-sensitive operators, providing outstanding yield, unmatched stability, with the option to whip at high speed.   It has a unique dairy flavour, although it does not contain lactose, milk or milk fat.  Any operators, whether experienced or new, will find decorating with this whip topping comes with great ease.  Discover the difference!
  • Rich’s® Whipping Base™ – Whip Topping™ Base offers more than triple the yield of dairy cream to make the most economical topping mix two parts Whipping Base™ with one-part water. Use as a dairy extender and stabilizer with two parts Whipping Base™ and one-part dairy cream. Can be whipped with acidic fruits and ingredients without curdling. Use to make fillings for pies, tarts, donuts and tortes; use to make decadent mousses or as a cake topping. Whipping Base™ is so versatile that you can expand your dessert offering without expanding your ingredients inventory.