Tea Frost is David Rio’s new premium tea-based frappe line. We use high quality, real tea leaves sourced from around the world, offering a fresh, distinct taste that is crafted to perfection as a refreshing summer beverage.

Spiced Chai is based on David Rio’s signature Tiger Spice Chai® and specifically designed and formulated as a frappe. The improved formulation for the Spiced Chai uses the same high quality organic spices and quality tea, but milk products have now been replaced by our proprietary non-dairy creamer.

Japanese Matcha is made with high quality matcha green tea powder sourced from the Nishio Region in the Aichi prefecture of Japan, known as the country’s leading producer of premium matcha green tea. Matcha is a pure, ceremonial Japanese green tea powder, and is high in antioxidants. Drinking matcha is comparable to consuming the green tea leaves themselves, offering great health benefits.

Chocolate Assam uses organic Banaspaty (Bah-nah-spa-tee) Assam, a black tea from India, and combined with a rich and delicious, semi-sweet cocoa powder.

English Breakfast incorporates a quality Ceylon black tea, and serves as a delicious base to customize your own Tea Frost by adding your choice of fruits, syrups, or ice cream.

Earl Grey features an organic pekoe black tea from Sri Lanka and has very distinctive notes of bright citrus fruit derived from oil, which is extracted from the outer layer of bergamot and applied to the black tea leaves to make for a timeless and classic frappe.

New, Innovative, delicious frappes that are tea based and taste amazing. Be a market leader – call our representatives to arrange a demonstration on 08 9345 2255.