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Made right here in Australia from real fruit, BeCool pods not only taste amazing they are naturally dairy and gluten free!

Also, Bulla’s premium connoisseur ice cream for those discerning customers that appreciate a quality taste!

The One-Shot Ice Cream Dispensing System is a new machine that offers the vendor the opportunity to supply ice cream or fruit desserts without the cumbersome and time consuming option of a standard soft serve machine. When you get the One Shot counter dispenser, simply plug in and go! No installation hassle – serving in seconds. No waste, no sanitizing – just serving and making profits. Select your flavour choice from your freezer, remove the protective tab and place into the One-Shot dispenser. Press the dispense button and within seconds your soft delicious ice cream or fruit dessert is ready for you.

This concept is a UK design that simply pushes the ice cream out of a cartridge/pod into a cup or cone. No parts, and almost no cleaning. All that is required is 10Amp single phase power and a space of about 195mmW x 322mmD x 719mmH and a chest freezer to store the cartridges. That’s it, how simple is that? No special cleaning arrangements like the soft serve machines.

The benefits of the One-Shot Ice Cream Dispensing System and the cartridges:

    1. Pre-measured so all serves are the same
    2. Controlled turnover/GP
    3. Allows for further inclusions or toppings to create sundaes
    4. No cleaning or sanitising required



These pods are placed in the dispenser tray of the One-Shot Ice Cream Dispenser